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Setting Motorcycle

Motorcycles allow us countless configurations so that we can be more comfortable on them. Whether in the position of the handlebars, handlebars, pedals, brakes, suspension, etc. We can't expect a bike to suit us right away, as we all have different builds and different riding styles.

In this column I will focus on off-road bikes, where the terrain we ride will be essential when setting up the bike.

We always have to worry about having the brake and clutch handles as comfortable as possible, and as close to our fingers. In these we can regulate the height (angle of the position), as well as the distance of these, which will also influence the behavior of the front brake as well as the clutch. This helps tremendously in reducing the fatigue of our forearms.

Something similar happens with the rear brake pedals and the gear lever, which also allow us to adjust the height, allowing us to better engage the gears as well as improve the "feel" that we will have with the rear brake.

The suspension is key when setting up the bike. Many bikes allow us to "play" with this and configure the speed of compression and rebound, by means of some screws that they have at the ends. Not all motorcycles have these alternatives and not all have the screws located at the same ends, so I suggest consulting your motorcycle manual. Briefly I can tell you that depending on the terrain in which you ride, it will be the motorcycle in which you set your suspension. As an example, if you are going to ride in sand, it is appropriate to put the compression a little harder to prevent the bike from "burying", as well as the compression will have to be slower (hard). On rocky ground it is the opposite.

It is worth mentioning that most motorcycles come with factory suspension for a rider standard of 75 kg, so if your weight is far from this, you can make adjustments to the springs, as well as the fork oil.

I recommend you take more advantage of the adjustments that your motorcycle allows you, so you will have a much more pleasant ride and for those who compete you will be able to reduce your times enormously.

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