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Security elements

For those of us who practice high-risk sports and in isolated places, it is essential that we have security systems, in addition to equipment and a first aid kit, it is essential to be connected and always give notice of where we will be.

We train and compete mainly in the desert, where this is essential, since in the event of any inconvenience, whether mechanical or accident, the response time of our security system is essential to be able to get out of the problem that we may have without major inconveniences.

Before going to the route, it is convenient to give notice to those nearby and to Police, so that they are alert in case one does not return within the scheduled time.

It is essential to know well the use of our GPS which will tell us exactly where we are, in order to see the fastest evacuation route, mainly identifying the fastest paths, as well as to make our coordinates known to whoever comes to our aid.

Generally, in more remote places we do not have telephone coverage, so it is very useful to use a satellite phone to be able to be connected anywhere and make our situation and location known. For those who think that communication through these devices is excessively expensive, it is worth mentioning that it is cheaper per minute than talking by roaming on a cell phone.

Other very useful devices are satellite trackers, such as Garmin's Find Me Spot and InReach, which deliver our position through a web page that you can configure yourself and through emails to those who want to keep informed of our location. They also have an emergency button which will alert that we encounter problems.

It is also very helpful to have flares, a flashlight, matches, a thermal blanket, as well as energy bars in case the help takes longer than necessary.

Obviously we have to be very careful with the water issue, since this has to be constantly dosed, since the unforeseen come at any time, and we do not know how long we will be.

Always walk with tools and spare parts that can help us get out of trouble.

It doesn't take long to put together such a kit, and it's really worth it when you're inconvenienced in remote locations.

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