Ossür CTI

Ossür CTI knee brace

$740.200 CLP
Ossür CTI

Ossür CTI knee brace

$740.200 CLP

Knee orthosis indicated for ACL, PCL, LCM, LCL injuries, rotational and combined instabilities.

CTi® is made of an anatomically positioned hinged carbon fiber frame with a flexible cuff. The carbon fiber frame provides a rigid exoskeleton to stabilize the joint. It has breathable silicone linings, which allow a better adaptation of the orthosis to the patient.

The standard model is for medium and high impact levels. Suitable for water sports and motocross among other high impact water sports.

Hinges with ROM adaptation (Extension limitation)

What is my size?

Small 28 - 34cm
Medium 34 - 38cm
Large 38 - 41cm
X-Large 41 - 44cm
XX-Large 44 - 48cm

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