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Preparation for a Dakar

The Dakar Rally is the toughest off road race in the world. It is a long-term challenge, where we cover more than 9,000 km in 15 days. Therefore, the preparation has to be very rigorous to face it in the best way.

This type of race requires a long preparation, so we have to work on several items, which we have divided into:

- Physical preparation: Physical trainer, Kinesiologist, Nutritionist and Sports Psychologist.

- Search for sponsors

- Preparation of the motorcycle. (Motorcycle, preparation of this, order of parts and test)

- Logistics (accommodation, tickets, assistance coordination, spare parts, etc.)

- Training.

The Dakar is demanding that takes people to the limit, both physically and mentally, which we have to adapt to these long-term conditions, which is why it is essential to strengthen these points through sports medicine advice. The preparation with the physical trainer has to be focused on the points that are most affected on the motorcycle, be it legs, lower back, forearm, etc. In the mental part, the sports psychologist is key, this helps you maintain concentration for longer, since in these races we are not only riding a motorcycle, but we are "navigating" and interpreting a roadmap that shows you the dangers of the route, so do not lose concentration or the cost can be very expensive. To prolong the wear and tear on the days, through the nutritionist, we implement a diet which is focused on keeping our body in optimal conditions.

The search for sponsors can become one of the most complicated points if we do not take good care of this point, and do not act professionally. You have to worry about doing a project that you believe in and that is attractive to those who offer it to you.

The motorcycle that we use has to have reliability as a fundamental requirement, then we worry that it is fast. Generally, we work on the basis of an enduro motorcycle, which we adapt to this specialty. It is essential to follow the entire process of assembling and preparing the motorcycle, in order to get to know it in the best way, since it will be our companion in this great adventure.

We face logistics like any great trip or excursion, adding of course the issue of spare parts and assistance vehicles.

It is good to schedule certain training sessions to see how our motorcycle works and how we behave after several hours of work. They are key to configuring the motorcycle in such a way that it is the most comfortable for us and allows us easy handling.

As you can see, planning is something similar for those who go on an excursion, or who are going to climb a mountain, since they all require serious coordination without neglecting any aspect. For what I recommend, whatever your specialty, do it in the most professional way possible, since in this way at the time of the race, event or challenge everything will be much easier and more pleasant.

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