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The choice of these is essential for us to have a good walk, and that is why we have to take the time when choosing the appropriate one.

We always have to consider the balance between the adherence (Grip) of these as well as the resistance or duration that they have.

There are models according to the terrain in which we use the motorcycle, in different price order, where the duration of these will also generally influence.

We have to define what use we will give to the motorcycle to select the tire: stones, mud, sand, etc…. Of course there are also more general tires for riding on land for example, or multipurpose (dualsport) for those who use the motorcycle on land and pavement.

It is also important to use the size recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer, since in this way we will not lose power with an oversized tire, for example, or we will not have the appropriate grip with a tire smaller than the recommended one.

Another important point to consider is the hardness of this, since it is generally associated with the duration of the rubber, which in some cases is very important, as it is in the Cross Country Rally, a discipline that I practice and we travel long distances daily. where a harder tire with more "layers" will guarantee us that even if the compound that we carry inside it breaks, whether it is a camera or mousse, it will continue to work without breaking.

We also have to evaluate the use of the compounds with which we will mount the tire, since not only does the classic air tube exist, but there are more alternatives, such as heavy duty tubes, which are much thicker than the common ones and are more puncture resistant. There are also anti-puncture liquids that are applied when inflating the tire.

Better and more expensive alternatives are the tireballs, which are small balls with air (the size of tennis balls) that replace the camera and at the moment of a nail or a thorn they only puncture a ball and you can continue walking and it is the preferred option for those who compete in enduro and rally are the mousse that are a kind of polyurethane which is simply impossible to puncture. The con of the mousse is that they wear out and expire, therefore you have to renew them every so often (not very often in any case for those who only go on weekends)

As a last point, I recommend checking the rim bearings as well as the tightening of the wheel spokes, in order to keep the wheels in optimum condition.

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