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long play

$18.000 CLP
Only 38 units of this product remain
USE OF MY LONGPLAY Before inserting the Longplay into your ears, squeeze and roll the flexible foam into a compact column and insert it into your ear. Hold the earbuds for a moment while the material expands to form a snug fit around your ear and keep the Longplay in place.After inserting the Longplay into your ear, plug the other end of the earphone cable into your MP3 player or other audio device and start enjoying.Replacement of sponges1.- Remove the old sponge2.- Add a drop of liquid dishwashing liquid in the hole of your new sponges3.- Slide the headset into the sponge.4.- The sponge will expand to its normal size.


Longplay hearing aids, made in the USA, ideal for those who work in places with high noise levels, isolating external sound and without causing pain due to prolonged use. It is the solution to listen to music comfortably. Uses the same material as foam earplugs.


1 Longplay Game

1 pair of spare sponges