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tools on the road

One of the principles of the Enduro, as well as the Cross Country Rally, is that of not being able to receive external help when having a problem with the motorcycle, that is, no one can repair it on the circuit but you, or with the help of another pilot. That is why it is essential to run with some tools and spare parts.

We will mention some of these elements that can save us when it comes to getting stuck on the road.

In the first place we have to determine in what we will carry these implements; In the case of enduro, the most used are the bananas specially designed for this discipline, which have different compartments to keep our tools organized.

We have to bear in mind that a very large banana will be uncomfortable when riding our motorcycle, so we have to consider that it is not very large. We also have to measure ourselves when carrying extra tools and spare parts, since the weight and space they occupy will have a direct impact on the pilot, since he will be the one who has to support it throughout the day.

If we go into detail about the things that we have to put inside it, a penknife is always essential in every tool bag, as everyone knows they have many functions, which can save us from carrying extra tools.

It is key to know our motorcycle, to see what keys we need to assemble and disarm it, as well as the measures it uses. With this we will determine which ones to take, as well as the spare nuts and bolts that we will take, since as a result of the vibrations and the demands that we make on the motorcycle, the bolts begin to loosen, and sometimes we lose them.

The tools that cannot be missing are: Point / Crown Wrenches, screwdrivers (Cross and Blade), Allen keys, spark plug wrench, pliers.

In this kit, not only are the tools essential, but also some elements that can help us solve problems, such as: wire, a piece of inner tube (I recommend a softer bicycle inner tube), plastic ties, liquid steel, a little of engine oil (50cc is enough).

With these elements you can solve a problem that you may have on the route. You always have to be smart and cold when facing a problem of this type, since being in the race, we are running against time, so we have to be calm, so as not to make mistakes. You also have to be creative with what you have on hand, since using the implements you have correctly, you can solve practically any basic problem.

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