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Motorcycle safety equipment

Always use good quality equipment, both obviously for the safety it provides, as well as for its duration.

Of course, we will start with the case, it is essential that it meets the certification standards, where they have to make sure that it complies with the DOT and SNELL standards, so they will be sure that their helmet will really protect them. You also have to look at the expiration date of this, since once that date expires, they do not protect as they should.

In the case of the Jofa or Chest, we have two options, one that is integral, which better protects the back, as well as the arms, or the traditional Jofa which protects better from the stones that another pilot can throw at us. goes ahead I recommend the Integral, since it fits better to the body, when worn like a t-shirt and better protects our spine.

In the case of boots, the variety is very high, and here we have to make sure that it has sufficiently hard protections on the toe, ankles and shins. We have to keep in mind that although these are a bit hard, one gets used to it and it is worth it for the security that they provide.

There are also orthopedic necks that protect us from the movements of our head, limiting this in the event of a very strong accident.

The case of the goggles is very important, we must make sure that the sponge isolates us from the outside, so we will ensure that no dirt enters our eyes. Here we also have multiple lens options depending on the light available.

Of course, gloves are essential in the equipment and here we also have a great variety. There are some that protect the knuckles with rigid materials. Here I recommend above all the comfort and that they are tight, in order to avoid blisters on the hands.

In the case of the shirt and pants, we have to worry that they have protections on the elbows, knees and thighs, which in the event of a fall do not break at first. As well as that the inner material is not soft, to avoid irritation in the extremities.

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