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Let's take care of our Florid Desert

As a result of the great rains in the Atacama this 2022 we will witness the great phenomenon of the Flowering Desert that occurs in the region. That is why it is important that we take care of it.

For that we share with you the decalogue of the visitor:

1. Use established vehicular paths, do not travel in your vehicle outside the routes. When walking, use only footprints and marked trails.
2. Stop and park only in authorized and safe places. Drive carefully.
3. Do not step on the plants, do not handle or cut the flowers or collect seeds or bulbs, they will only grow in their natural environment.
4. Do not bring pets, they alter the habitat of species of native flora and fauna. AND REMEMBER, pets are prohibited inside protected wildlife areas (Llanos de Challe National Park, Pan de Azúcar National Park and Nevado de Tres Cruces National Park).
5. Respect the wildlife, do not feed them, do not make excessive noise, do not listen to loud music, listen to the sound of nature.

6. Return your garbage to the city and deposit it in authorized places.
7. Mutual respect among visitors is essential to enjoy the experience that the desert offers us.
8. Remember to continue self-care for COVID-19: wash your hands well, keep your distance and wear a mask when appropriate.
9. You always prefer to use tourist services registered with SERNATUR to get to know the Flowering Desert, it supports the local economy.
10. If you want to report damage to our natural heritage, call 134 and/or 52 2540845 Investigator for Crimes against the Environment and Cultural Heritage (BIDEMA) or go to the nearest local police court.

Photos: Atacama Rides

Source: Conaf

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