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Yamaha Expedition Nancagua

$35.000 CLP
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Yamaha Expedition Tour with its Ride For Life program is the first select community of Yamaha Super Ténéré and Ténéré motorcycle clients/riders in Chile, formed with the great objective of uniting and creating ties through the experiences lived on the motorcycle.

Tours with arrival at exclusive hotels outside of Santiago directed by the pilot Felipe Prohens.

Next experience: Saturday August 27, 2022 :

- Destination: Copa del Rey in Parque Las Palmas

- 1 day route guided by Felipe Prohens + Yamaha riders.

- Breakfast at Yamaha Fun Motos prior to the expedition.

- Assistance during expedition: Guides, truck, snacks.

- Hospitality Yamaha in Copa del Rey.

- Perfect experience to go with a companion on your Yamaha.

- Audiovisual equipment.